Hike Through The Canyons

July 15, 2018
Category: Redwood City Parks

If you’re in the Redwood area, one of the places to visit, and is a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts, is the Pulgas Ridge Preserve. With 366-acres of hiking, they permit dogs on leashes throughout most of the park. They even have an area for off-leash dog walking that spans seventeen and a half acres! This area is accessible from the Cordilleras Trail, the Blue Oak trail and the Polly Geraci and Hassler trails. While in this area with your dog off its leash, you must have a leash in your possession and able to control your dog with voice commands. Even with those mild restrictions, it is certainly nice to be able to let your dog roam free. Make sure your dog’s leash is no longer than six feet in length and please bag and dispose of all your pet’s waste! Be aware, that while there is fencing and signage at the entrances of this area, there is no fencing around the off-leash land, so, please be aware of this when bringing your dog!

Located due west from the heart of Redwood city and south of San Carlos, it is a quick jaunt to be able to enjoy some of the best sights the peninsula has to offer. There are over six miles of trails to meander through, enjoying the cool winding canyons or hiking to the top of the ridges to look out over the bay area and hills that surround this preserve. With over ninety native species of flora, there are also many varieties of plants and flowers to view, ensuring that your stroll or hike will be bright and colorful.

For those looking for an easy stride, the Cordilleras trail is designed for ease of use by the casual stroller, and even for wheelchair use. This trail is just over three-quarters of a mile with a slight grade, coursing through a beautiful wooded area and ending near the Cordilleras Creek. Relax near the cool creek while catching your breath before heading back, but please observe the state of this preserve by not wading in or swimming! If you choose to continue on, the Polly Geraci trail is right across the creek, and gently rises up with an oak-studded hill. Make it to the top and enjoy the views! From there, you can make your way down the Hassler trail, which is paved, and connects to the Blue Oak trail and back to the Cordilleras trail, making for an easy two-mile trek through various vegetation and elevations.

All throughout your journey here, you might come across hound’s tongue, mule’s ears, milkmaids, mission bells, fetid adder’s tongue and giant trillium. No, these aren’t animal parts scattered about, they’re some of the gorgeous flowers that are native to the preserve.

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