Oct 15

The San Mateo County History Museum is located in downtown Redwood City housed in the former County Courthouse.  The local museum showcases the history of the local area and is dedicated to preserving San Mateo County’s past.

About The San Mateo County History Museum

Located at 2200 Broadway Avenue, The San Mateo County History Museum is found in the former courthouse, which was built in 1910.  This elegant building was a product of a city beautification movement, which yielded an amazing building in Roman Renaissance style with a stained-glass dome that is the largest of its kind.  The Museum has many permanent exhibitions within its 40,000 square foot home in the storied courthouse building.

Nature’s Bounty explores how indigenous people in the area used natural resources and helped build the San Francisco area. An interesting exhibit is called Maverick’s, which explores the world famous surfing spot for big wave surfers along the San Mateo coast. San Mateo County History Makers demonstrates the news of local entrepreneurs and their contributions.  Several other exhibits explore the history of San Mateo and its citizen’s contributions to the vibrancy of The Bay Area.

The San Mateo County Historical Association administers the Museum.  The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for seniors and students.

Learn more at: http://www.historysmc.org/

The Museum is located only minutes from the Redwood Creek Inn. We recommend that our guests definitely check out this architectural masterpiece and explore the rich history of our community.

The Redwood Creek Inn is an affordable budget Redwood City hotel located on El Camino Real thus offering a centrally accessible location.  A perfect business hotel for corporate travelers with business to conduct in Silicon Valley, Redwood Creek Inn offers comfortable remodeled rooms. Family-friendly accommodations are available at Redwood Creek Inn.  See our room types, rates and availability at: https://www.redwoodcreekinn.com/

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Sep 01

Zoppè Circus has been entertaining families for eighty years now. Zoppe Circus offers an intimate experience. It is a unique one-ring circus, usually hosted in tents having a capacity of around five hundred people. The circus celebrates the Old-World Italian tradition. Featuring the clown Nino, Zoppe Circus has a central narrative that weaves all the characters into an amazing story. This is in contrast to most other circuses that are a mosaic of different individual acts. The highlights of Zoppe Circus are acrobatic feats, canine capers, equestrian showmanship and clowning. Audience participation is highly encouraged as well. The troupe is presently led by Giovanni Zoppè. He is the sixth-generation owner and performer. He plays Nino at almost every show of the troupe.

About Zoppe Circus

Zoppe Circus is unique in many ways. It is not all fun and frolic. There is drama, you would cry and laugh, feel for the characters and the story genuinely tugs at the heartstrings. Indulge in an evening of an eclectic mix of emotional experiences with the legendary Zoppè Family Circus that has a longstanding history of over a hundred and sixty years.

Zoppe Circus has been touring Chandler, Tucson and Wickenburg in Arizona, Ridgeland in Mississippi, Florissant in Missouri, Union Grove in Wisconsin, Wheat Ridge and Snowmass, Winter Park and Avon in Colorado, Oklahoma City and now it is coming to Redwood City in California. You can attend the Zoppe Circus on and from the 13th of October to 29th of October at the Red Morton Park in Redwood City, California. Thereon Zoppe Circus would move to Fort Bragg before traveling onward to Chicago.

The origin of Zoppe Circus dates back to 1842 Budapest in Hungary when a young street performer called Napoline Zoppè in pursuit of employment fell in love with equestrian ballerina Ermenegilda and the two eloped to Venice after her father did not approve of their relationship. The couple founded Zoppe Circus and the rest as they say is history.

You can find all the necessary information on Zoppe Circus and correspond with the organizers via phone or email.

Stay at Redwood Creek Inn

Red Morton Park or Red Morton Community Center is less than one and a half mile from Redwood Creek Inn. Most of the popular things to do in Redwood City, CA, are in proximity if you stay at our hotel. Redwood Creek Inn is on El Camino Real, offering you brisk connectivity to every hotspot in the city and beyond. Book your accommodation directly at the hotel to get the lowest rates.

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Aug 01

Stevens Creek Reservoir is a part of the larger Stevens Creek County Park in Cupertino, Santa Clara. The reservoir spans ninety-two acres, although some estimates put it at a little short of ninety acres. The larger park spans more than a thousand acres. Stevens Creek County Park has picnicking areas along the shoreline. It is called the Lakeshore Picnic area. There are six designated and shaded picnic spots available on a first come first serve basis. Three of the picnic sites can be reserved in advance. There are multiuse trails in the park and along the reservoir. The trails welcome bikers, hikers and equestrians. The reservoir on its part is popular among boaters and fishermen.

About Stevens Creek Reservoir

Only non-powered boating is permitted in the Stevens Creek Reservoir. If you are a fishing enthusiast then you would love the schools of black bass, catfish, crappie and largemouth bass. You can take kayaks to the reservoir. The waters are very calm so there is not safety issue, even for kids or those who don’t know swimming. However, those who cannot swim must have lifejackets and should have adults accompanying them who can swim.

It would be futile to stay confined to the reservoir and to not explore the nature reserves and trails of the park. You can try horseback riding or mountain bicycling. You can practice archery at the 28-station roving archery course and range. The range is open for everyone. The park is home to more than a hundred species of birds and hence ideal for birdwatchers. There is a ranger station at the north entrance of Stevens Creek Reservoir and Park where you can get detailed maps and all necessary information to make the most of your exploration. Like the picnic sites and tables, parking too is available on first come first serve.

Of the many places to see in Redwood City, the park and the reservoir must feature on the very top of the list. The park and the reservoir are open throughout the year. You can walk in at 8 a.m. and spend the whole day till sunset. Boating is stopped half an hour before sunset.

Stay at Redwood Creek Inn

Redwood Creek Inn is twenty miles north of Stevens Creek Reservoir. It should take you less than half an hour to reach this urban oasis. Redwood Creek Inn is a comfortable and affordable property located in Redwood City and is close to all the interesting things to do in Redwood City.

Book your stay at Redwood Creek Inn directly and get the best rates at: http://www.redwoodcreekinn.com/

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Jul 15

There are some natural wonders south of San Francisco that would invariably draw your attention to the Peninsula. While there are many places to see in Redwood City, some are just across the San Mateo Bridge. Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Coyote Hills National Regional Park and Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area are just some of the more interesting places to explore around Redwood City. We recommend that our guests explore the nature reserves and embark on hiking adventures within minutes from the urban landscape of The SF Bay Area.

About Hunting and Hiking at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

The reserve spans more than six thousand acres, primarily comprising salt ponds, diked marshes, tidal marshlands and habitats for water birds and many other species. The reserve plays a vital role as a stopover for migrating shorebirds, waterfowl and a few mammals. You can spot mallard, pintail and shoveler, ruddy duck, widgeon, canvasback, scaup, gadwall and goose. The marshlands have egrets, stilts, herons, sandpipers and avocets. You can find thousands of shorebirds during the migration season through fall and spring. The tidal marshlands also serve as a nursery for steelhead and salmon.

The reserve is mostly popular for waterfowl hunting, hiking and wildlife viewing. There is a Bay Trail running four miles from the staging area through the creek to the reserve. The trail will take you along ponds, marshlands, and shoreline viewing area and restored wetlands. There is a boardwalk in the area where salt is produced called Oliver Salt Works. The Bay Trail is perennial. There is a seasonal trail as well.

The seasonal loop trail is usually closed during summer for the protection of nesting birds. This trail is two miles long and you would tread along managed ponds while exploring the marsh at the Mount Eden Creek, which has been restored. There are certain zones closed to the general public. There are legal hunting areas beyond which you cannot carry your guns or weapons. You can however go and pick up downed birds after you have left behind the hunting equipment in the designated zone.

Hotels Near the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

Redwood Creek Inn is located just half an hour west of Eden Landing. We offer rooms with king and queen beds as well as double beds. All rooms have television, wireless Internet, air conditioning and heating, microwave, fridge, full bath and hairdryer among other amenities. A few rooms have Jacuzzi. Redwood Creek Inn offers complimentary breakfast. There is an outdoor pool and free parking.

We invite you to our SF Peninsula hotel, which offers easy access to many of splendid outdoor natural areas to explore: http://www.redwoodcreekinn.com/  Book your stay at Redwood Creek Inn today!

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Jun 25

Redwood is a city in San Mateo County located in Silicon Valley. Although it is a part of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, the landscape is quite different owing to the setting at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. There are various things to do in Redwood. You should explore the History Museum, Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo, Bryan Lathrop House, Mariners Point Golf Center, Fioli Mansion and Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Phleger Estate is one of the star highlights of Redwood City, predominantly for it urban hiking.

About & History of Phleger Estate

Phleger Estate was a private property until 1995. Mary Elena Phleger was the owner of the estate after her husband’s death in 1984. She decided to retain the estate as it was but it was not possible for her to do so alone. She approached POST or Peninsula Open Space Trust in 1990 and offered them the opportunity to make it a public park while retaining the estate exactly as it was then. POST took up the chance and started raising money. There was significant lobbying and multiple campaigns were run to fuel awareness among the local residents and general public in the bay area. POST managed to raise half the money that was set as a target by the Congress for it to fund the other half. Peninsula Open Space Trust raised five million through donations, using its own reserves and by selling the home of the Phlegers. Finally, the Phleger Estate became a public park in 1995.

Phleger Estate has a redwood forest. It is a tranquil place with logged redwood stumps dating back a hundred years and more, remains of steam mills, long trails and creeks. You can get to the estate through Huddart County Park by paying the entrance fee at the gate. Make sure you get a trail map before embarking on your hike.

Learn more about Phleger Estate here: https://www.nps.gov/goga/phes.htm

Redwood City Hotel near Phleger Estate

Redwood Creek Inn is just twenty-five minutes from Phleger Estate—just half an hour if there’s unexpected traffic. Our hotel is also close to Junior Museum & Zoo, San Francisco and San Jose International Airports.

Redwood Creek Inn has affordable rooms with heater and air conditioning, microwave and fridge, hairdryer, DVD player and ironing facilities. Guests get complimentary Wi-Fi and continental breakfast, an onsite outdoor pool and free parking. Select rooms have Jacuzzi so you may want to check for availability at the time of booking a room at the Redwood Creek Inn.

Book your stay today at Redwood Creek Inn and explore the natural beauty of the SF Peninsula: http://www.redwoodcreekinn.com/

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May 15

Redwood City is in Silicon Valley in the county of San Mateo. It falls under the larger San Francisco Bay Area in the state of California. Redwood City has an amazing landscape, primarily owing to the Santa Cruz Mountains. Redwood City is at the foothills of the mountains and has over eighty thousand residents. There are plenty of Redwood City CA attractions including the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo, San Mateo County History Museum, Bryan Lathrop House, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Mariners Point Golf Center and the Fioli Mansion among others. Some natural wonders like the deep-water port and the peninsular beaches are imperative things to see in Redwood City.

Junior Museum and Zoo

Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo is dedicated to encouraging kids so they develop a penchant for nature and science at the same time. The focus is on exploring; creating, discovering and playing amidst science exhibits, live animals and adventures that are scientific but also conscious of the environmental impact of such endeavors. If you are staying at the Redwood Creek Inn with children, the Junior Museum and Zoo is a must-visit attraction.

The Zoo has over fifty species of live animals. There are around two hundred specimens including raccoons, bobcats, jungle bats, ferrets, hedgehogs, snakes, turtles, freshwater fish, birds, invertebrates and one giant tortoise. Junior Museum and Zoo conducts outreach programs, special events for communities and schools, summer camps, regular classes and birthday parties.

Junior Museum & Zoo is on 1451 Middlefield Road. It remains closed on Mondays and remains open from ten to five on Tuesday to Saturday. On Sunday it remains open from one to four. Animals go to sleep an hour before closing so late entries are really not worthwhile. Daily entries don’t require prior reservations but special events will require you to make bookings in advance.

Learn more here: https://friendsjmz.org/

Hotels in Redwood City CA

Redwood Creek Inn is less than ten miles from Junior Museum & Zoo. It would take you less than fifteen minutes along The Bayshore Freeway. You could take El Camino Real which will also take you around the same time.

Redwood Creek Inn is located on El Camino Real and quickly reachable from the San Francisco International Airport as well as the San Jose International Airport. Redwood Creek Inn offers one of the most affordable Redwood City accommodations with complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, outdoor pool and complimentary parking. There are choices of rooms decked up with air conditioner and heater, fridge and microwave, DVD player, in-room coffee, radio and alarm clock, ironing facilities and hairdryer. A few rooms at the Redwood Creek Inn have a Jacuzzi.

Book your stay today at Redwood Creek Inn: http://www.redwoodcreekinn.com/

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May 01

Foster City in the county of San Mateo in California is a planned town close to Silicon Valley. It is widely considered to be one of the best towns or places to live in the United States, as acknowledged by Forbes and Money Magazine. There are plenty of things to do in Foster City. One of the star attractions is Mariners Point Golf Center. If you have to practice your golf game, then there are no better facilities and no better location than Mariners Point Golf Center.

About Mariners Point Golf Center

Mariners Point Golf Center is on 2401 E 3rd Ave in Foster City. It offers comprehensive teaching lessons and the practice center has the best golf practice facilities in all of Bay Area. The facilities include sixty four practice stalls, there is a driving range with quality and fresh golf balls, adequate yardage markers, well defined targets, manicured greens, demarcated bunkers for chipping, sand shots and pitching. There is a 9-hole golf course along the Bay of San Francisco that is a treat for any golfer.

There are special tee times you can book over the weekends or on holidays. You need to make reservations twelve hours in advance.

General fees or rates for driving range starts from $7 for small basket and goes up to $14 for large basket. Small baskets have sixty range balls while large baskets have a hundred and sixty five. Guests paying in cash will pay more so one can get Range Cards starting from $20 offering a value of $20. $500 cards have $675 value. Green fees for tourists are $17/person and for residents of Foster City is $14. Golfers can rent everything from clubs to pull cart to grass basket.

Mariners Point Golf Center operating hours are ten to ten on Monday, seventy thirty to ten from Tuesday through Friday, seven to ten on Saturdays and holidays and seven to nine on Sundays. Tee times can begin as late as eight thirty in the evening, which becomes seven thirty on Sundays.

Finding Accommodation near Mariners Point Golf Course

If you feel like hitting the links after a long day at the office or just want to get our and practice your game, we recommend our guests pay a visit to Mariners.

Redwood Creek Inn is around fifteen minutes drive from Mariners Point Golf Course. Our hotel is on El Camino Real and is easily accessible from San Francisco International Airport and San Jose International Airport.

Guests would enjoy complimentary daily breakfast; free Wi-Fi, free parking and an outdoor pool. There are different types of rooms to choose from, all provisioned with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, heater and air conditioner, DVD player, radio alarm clock, full bath, ironing facilities, hairdryer and some rooms have Jacuzzi.

Book your stay today at: http://www.redwoodcreekinn.com/

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Apr 01

The Hiller Aviation Museum is located in The San Francisco Bay Area near San Carlos Airport at 601 Skyway Road. It is well known as one of the more popular Family tourist Attraction near Redwood City. Open 10am-5pm, 7 days a week (except Easter Sunday). Admission to this museum is $16 for adults and $11 for youths 5-17 years of age. Children age 5 or less can visit for free. This Museum is dedicated to the aspirations of flight and the innovative spirit of aviation pioneers. It chronicles over a century of aviation history and creates a storyline demonstrating the past and future of flight.

History of Hiller Aviation Museum:

Hiller Aviation Museum was developed by a well-known helicopter pioneer, known by the name Stanley Hiller Jr. in 1998. It traces its origins to the 1970s with many interesting facts. Here, you will find a group of old eclectic aircraft that was collected by Stanley but it can be seen by special appointment only. The integral part of its early day collection is formed with various prototypes, cutting edge type test vehicles etc. The aircraft collection at this museum reflects the innovative and adventurous spirit of air travel. Hiller Jr. thought about adding a new element into transportation facility and slowly he recognized the Bay Area’s strength where utilization of capital resources, progressive attitudes, science, and talent can contribute to outstanding advancements. This museum is devoted to communicating the message of richness in terms of the legacy of aviation pioneers as well as the promises for the future of flight as per the bright vision of Stanley. Get more detailed info about the history of Hiller Aviation Museum at http://www.hiller.org/museum/history-and-mission/.

Things to do at Hiller Aviation Museum:

Building robotic drones to piloting realistic flight simulators–there are lots of interesting things to do at Hiller Aviation Museum. Some of the best ongoing activities at this location are:

  • Imagination Play Ground:

Kids can join in from 10 am to 5 pm and here they find opportunity to exercise their imagination with lots of construction tools. Kids develop large structures with easy to maneuver and safe foam blocks.

  • Invention Lab:

Here visitors can access tools of science for getting a deep idea about aerodynamics, aviation, engineering, design and assembly processes. It is one of the most suitable tasks for adults as well as grown up children.

Find some more interesting details about the many aircraft on display at this Museum by visiting: http://www.hiller.org/museum/aircraft-on-display/.

If you are going to plan your visit to this museum then you need not worry about services and facilities in this area. The whole museum can be easily visited by handicapped and senior visitors and there are lots of full-service restaurants and fast food service providers a short walking distance from this popular museum.

Book Your Stay Near Hiller Aviation Museum:

The exhibitions and activities at Hiller Aviation Museum make for a fascinating family excursion. If you are traveling to Redwood City with your family, we recommend booking your stay at the Family-Friendly Redwood Creek. All the rooms in this hotel are spacious with well-appointed facilities. The hotel staff is always ready to fulfill your needs. Guest rooms feature free Wi-Fi, heater, AC, full bath, DVD player, refrigerator, hairdryer and many modern amenities. Book your stay today at www.redwoodcreekinn.com.

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Mar 15

A local landmark and historical building worth a visit, The Lathrop House is located on 627 Hamilton Drive in Downtown Redwood City.

Benjamin Gordon Lathrop was the first clerk, recorder, and assessor of San Mateo County. Being a local railroad baron, Mr. Garon and his wife accumulated wealth to purchase many parcels of land in Redwood City.

The Lathrop House was built in 1863 on one of these parcels and has a historical significance in The San Francisco Bay Area. Constructed in the Gothic Revival style and one of The Bay Area’s oldest mansions. The 11-room mansion exchanged hands several times over the course of the last century. The 125 years the house has stood share many stories of the history of Redwood City in its walls. If you are lucky to catch a tour, the wise docents will gladly share some of these stories.

San Mateo County purchased the ornate Steamboat Gothic Style home in 1968 in order to make it a heritage center and is now operated by The Redwood City Heritage Association. The museum is open twice a month to the public to view the interior of the home between 11 AM and 3 PM on the 2nd Wednesday and 3rd Saturday every month. The house is closed throughout the month of August.

The architectural significance of this building cannot be understated. Pointed windows with decorative tracery, grouped chimneys, pinnacles, battlements and shaped parapets, quatrefoil and clover-shaped windows and asymmetrical floor plan are signatures of the Steamboat Gothic Style which Lathrop House exhibits.

The Lathrop House is definitely worth checking out, even if you just view the property from the outside while you are on a stroll through quaint Downtown Redwood City. Located behind the old Domed Courthouse and opposite the Hall of Justice, The Lathrop House is a unique building set amidst buildings of more modern architectural style and stature.

A Top Ranked Redwood City Hotel

Stay at Redwood Creek Inn to explore Bryan Lathrop House and other hotspots in the area while finding easy access to San Francisco and The South Bay Area. Book your stay at Redwood Creek Inn today and save by booking directly on our website.

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Mar 01

If you visiting the Bay Area, you will come to find that there are some great places to see and exciting things to do. Every city offers something unique, so no matter which city in The Bay you visit, you will definitely have an interesting experience. There are many places to explore near Redwood City, so staying somewhere nearby is a great option if you want to use it as a base for exploring the Peninsula. Sure there are plenty of tourist hotspots nearby, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman`s Wharf, Pier 39 in The City, but there’s some off the beaten path attractions on the peninsula itself such as San Mateo History Museum, Stanford University, and Crystal Springs. Our location in the center of Silicon Valley means that, from Redwood City, you also have quick access to the headquarters of many famous corporate companies like Facebook, Google, EA Sports and Oracle. However, if you wish to relax and spend time outdoors, then you should definitely visit a charming little park called Gull Park.

Gull Park: Things to Know

Gull Park is a relatively small park in comparison to other parks in the area, covering a space of just a little over three acres. This fantastic park is fenced from the street for added safety. There are a couple of nice playgrounds for children, as well as several slides, swings, play structures, benches, and restroom facilities. Additionally, there is a large grassy area and a small sandy beach for swimming, which is one of the most attractive features of Gull Park. Children love this beach, as the waters here are nice and shallow, while the beach is ideal for sunbathing and playing in the soft sand.

Many parents visit this park because it is a fun place to enjoy where kids can enjoy swimming, while adults can relax by the water. The salt water in the lagoon is one of the cleanest in the entire Bay Area and its quality is constantly tested by the County`s Health Department. The water temperature is variable depending on the time of year.

Overall, Gull Park is a very well-landscaped park and it features several large trees and one amazing lawn. Many families come here to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or just spend some time and enjoy each other. Typically, there are birthday parties held every weekend in the Park when the weather is nice and sunny. Some trees in the park are perfect for hanging piñatas and that is an additional plus of this beautiful park. Learn more here: http://www.fostercity.org/parksandrecreation/Gull-Park.cfm

Staying in Redwood City

If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Redwood City, then you should consider booking your stay with us at Redwood Creek Inn. Here you can enjoy many different amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, an outdoor pool, and free parking. All rooms include the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable, like a refrigerator, microwave, DVD player, and air conditioner. We even have some rooms equipped with Jacuzzi bathtubs. We have a very courteous and kind staff, always ready to welcome you and make your stay on The Peninsula a memorable experience. See you soon!

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